Which Edge Driver for GoControl Alarm Siren so it Works with STHM?

As with the GoControl Motion sensor headache last week having bad drivers, but thankfully fixed with the Awesome ‘Zwave Sensor CS’ Edge Driver, and the headaches I am having now with the Jasco GE Dimmer / Switches not excluding or re-adding, I have a new one, GoControl Alarm Siren. Before it worked but shown up as a bad driver, so I removed it, excluded it and ST added a driver as a Switch. With this the Siren and Strobe can be turned on and off, but security section for ‘Sound Sirens’ responds with "Non Available.’ Strangely before even with the bad driver they shown up before and worked. So I uninstalled then reinstalled the ST Z-Wave Siren Edge driver and nothing. I then Installed the Z-wave Siren MC, but still nothing. The only options for a driver are ‘Z=wave Switch’, or ‘Z-wave Virtual Momentary Switch.’

The units are GoControl Siren / Strobe, Model ZM1601US ST: Model 2005-0503 Manufacturer code 014F-2005-0503

Solutions please.

Nothing anyone? It worked before I uninstalled and added it back trying to fix the driver???

You’re not posting this in the proper forum and not copying the developer, so the developer is not seeing this. Z-Wave Siren MC doesn’t have the fingerprints for your device in the YAML file.

You need to post this over in the below forum and politley ask @Mariano_Colmenarejo if he could add the fingerprints to the driver for you.


Aded to this driver version, try if it works

 Name         Z-Wave Siren Mc
 Version      2024-02-04T12:37:18.561174784        
- id: 014F/2005/0503
    deviceLabel: ZM1601US-5 Siren
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x2005
    productId: 0x0503
    deviceProfileName: alarm-battery

Hi. I cannot test the sirens output yet as it is very early Sunday morning where I am, but the Sirens did connect to your driver, and the Security response did list the sirens too. Yay.

A big big big much appreciated thank you to you. :slight_smile: