GoControl Opener & "Smart Garage Opener" Got it Working

New here to the Smartthings world, and actually I am loving it. Now that I was able to sort out a few things that were driving me crazy. This community is amazing and very helpful.

I highly recommend WebCoRe.

I purchased a GD00Z-4 GoControl so I could control my garage door opener. Now that I have my system setup, I actually did not need this as I have decided against automating the opening of my garage door. However, the ability to do this remotely is still appealing and for the price you will also get the tilt sensor which is required for other automation.

The issue, like some many others have found is the GoControl will not operate newer garage door openers per the instructions. After a lot of reading and much confusion I finally bit the bullet and tried the “hack”

You will need:

  • visor control opener
  • minor knowledge of electronics
  • some soldering experience.

I simply

  1. opened the visor remote
  2. located the button that was programmed to trigger the door to open from my car
  3. soldered the two wires from the GoControl that were SUPPOSED to be attached to the opener itself
  4. re-installed the GoControl near the garage, attached the power adaptor and placed the “hacked” visor opener beside the GoControl unit.

And just like that it works.

I know this is on other threads but honestly those were confusing so thought I would assist to write up something that confirms this works and that it is not difficult to do.

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thanks for sharing this. Looks like a fun project. Does the remote push button still work? Have you ran into any issues?

Also, to help people that may look for this later, can you provide the make and model of the garage door opener (and remote)?

Usually the reason the GoControl’s dry contact won’t work, like you said, is the wall control for the opener is “fancy” and has some of communication instead of a dry contact itself. I know Genie makes a dry contact adapter for its openers that have this kind of setup. Not sure about others, but I bet they do.

However, the DIY route you went is always fun, too!

The button on the remote still operates. But the remote itself is not usable really as it is now “apart of the Go Control”. I will pick up another remote so I have one, as rare as it is that is use it, sometimes I do need it (I. E. Car is in for service so use the remote in the loaner).

The Go Control triggers the remote electronically. As if I am pressing the button. When the garage door opener receives the open command from the remote it opens, triggers tilt sensor and all works just like it should. The automations I have setup work perfectly.

Model of the opener is a Liftmaster 8165 with MyQ.

Hope this helps others in the community. Very simple and straight forward work around.

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