Garage Doors working in v2 now?

Forgive me if I’m missing a piece to this puzzle. I’ve been working with and following Smartthings since last January, however so far the setups have been for relatives and not myself. You know, the whole saying that “The painters house is the last to be painted”.

With that said, one of the biggest things I was looking for was Remote Garage control. Way to many times do I or my Wife leave the house in a rush and deal with the “Did I close the garage?!”. So I’ve been waiting for the v2 hub and when it came out I bought it. Then I read about the v2 garage door issues.

However, just a few days ago on the ST blog, they listed official support for the GoControl/Linear garage door opener. As excited as I was, I wanted to stop by here and check first - does this mean that using this device will work as a Garage door opener that I can not only control, but receive updates on for my garage doors?

Again, I may have missed the whole garage door issue. Perhaps it was only that you couldn’t create your own opener anymroe with relay’s and tilt sensors but again, I just wanted to check!

P.S. - Any idea how/where I can find out if that GoControl unit is compatible with my current Automatic Garage Door unit?

Thank you!!

I have had no issues with the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 on the v2 Hub. It works with pretty much all garage door’s, basically you hook it up like you would a wired button, and it just acts like a button as far as the garage door is concerned.

I’m new to Smartthings and am running a V2 hub (never used a V1). I’m using a Linear FS20Z-1 relay to actuate my opener and a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (the newer model) to know the door position. Everything is working as intended. I can monitor the door position through the SmartThings app and actuate the garage door as well. I can even automate the door based on multi sensor position using the Simple Rules Builder ( ) which was put together by a fellow forum member.

I understand there are some differences between how the V2 hub interacts with garage doors vs how the V1 does. That being said, the automation I set up can close my door if left open after I’ve left home (base on cell phone presence) or when I go to bed (based on closed state of my bedroom door).

I’m using the nutone gd00z (I think that’s it) on my garage with the v2 hub. I’ve had no problems at all n.nn and I’m using echo to control it.

Nortek is the manufacturer of the garage door controller on the official compatibility list. It’s sold under many different brand names: Linear gd00z, GoControl, Nutone. :sunglasses: