How to factory reset Zooz ZSE02 motion sensor?

Hi all,

Sorry to bother, but I just replaced a bad Hub, and am trying to add my old devices.

I don’t have the old hub anymore and apparently I should have somehow removed them from it first.

I’ve manually reset to factory most of my devices, save my Zooz ZSE02 motion sensor. I can’t find any buttons to press to reset it, and the manual doesn’t include any such information.

Any tips how I can reset it so I can add it to my new Hub?


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If there isn’t anything obvious, did you attempt to delete the devices via the IDE and then re-add it? I’m not 100% sure about zigbee devices but I don’t think you have to “remove” them from anything before you add them to something.

@JDRoberts should know for sure.

For Z wave devices like this particular sensor, you do have to “exclude” it from its prior controller before you will be allowed to add it to a new controller.

Fortunately, the Z wave designers were aware of the possibility that a controller might be lost or damaged so any zwave controller can issue what is called a “general exclusion”.

You then have to individually put the device into exclusion mode, which usually is a series of button presses or something like that.

So begin by issuing the general exclusion from your new hub:

And then follow the instructions in the device’s manual so that the device will accept the exclusion command. The instructions are on the second page after

Q. I have not been able to add the device to my network after several attempts, what do I do now?

After that, you can just include it in the usual way. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the two responses!

I’ve tried putting my hub into exclusion mode and hitting the appropriate buttons, but I still can’t seem to get it to then rediscover.

I’m sure it’s just me, though, I still have a lot to learn re: ST, so I’ll keep at it.

Thanks again all the same, I appreciate the help.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: You’re going to have the Hub issue the general exclusion command. And then immediately hit the button the appropriate number of times on the motion sensor itself to get it to accept the exclusion command.

It’s not unusual to have to do that to two or three times, but if it doesn’t work after three tries, I would get in touch with the device manufacturer.

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