GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

I have a GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener which has been running great for over a year. Lately i noticed that when ever I close or open the door the status stays as closing or opening. Once I hit close/open button again the status changes to open or close. Anyone know’s what the issue might be? I changed the tilt sensor battery but no change in behavior. Thoughts? Is there a new DH?

have you checked the battery? i had the same issue and had to replace the battery.

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This custom DTH is working fine.

It sounds like some of your events may not be reaching the hub which may indicate a mesh issue. Try to reboot your hub and do a Z-Wave repair. Worse case you may need to exclude, reset and pair your device again.

You may want to check if your power line is stable, the unit is very sensitive to power fluctuations but that typically leads to an “unknown” door status, where as you’re not seeing an update until you manually refresh it.

The device is within 10-15 feet of two GE in-wall switches. I have replaced the battery in the tilt sensor, reboot the hub and ran zwave repair. from the repair I get the following message (Network repair for Garage Door [0A]: Could not update neighbors). Do you know what that means?

Yes I did, but no change.

It means that it’s not able to communicate with its neighbors. You mentioned a GE in wall switch. If it’s the older Z-Wave types they may be the culprit. They tend to heat up after a while and stop repeater properly/malfunction.

I would power cycle (mains the GE switch) and then exclude and re pair them. Ideally replace them with a the newer Z-Wave plus versions which are much more stable.

Will give it a try.