GoControl GD00Z-4 question

That’s pretty funny, considering that you immediately follow it up with…

Stating something “as though it were fact” does no require explicit use of the word “fact”. Pedantry, you say?

It’s always amusing when someone claims that having their own exact words quoted…verbatim…means that they’re being misrepresented. Here, let’s try it again:

Here you’re claiming…quite clearly…that anyone who has a GoControl unit that hasn’t failed is either extremely lucky (“a golden egg”) or simply hasn’t had it for long enough. You also state, unequivocally and without qualification, that the failure rate is “unusually high”. This statement is meaningless unless you’re claiming to know not only what the GoGontrol’s actual failure rate is, as well as what the normal failure rate is for a device of this kind.

That’s not me misunderstanding/misrepresenting you. That’s what you said…your tap-dancing to the contrary notwithstanding.

Let’s try something, here’s two statements:

“The failure rate, and for the exact same reason every time is unusually high.”

“The failure rate, and for the exact same reason every time is unusually high, this is 100% fact and true so don’t even try and dispute it”

Which of the two statements is “as though it were fact”? Yes, it DOES require the explicit use of some definitive word like “fact” to change my sentence from just a mere internet claim (based on my experience/research) into an indisputable statement.

My claim was that the failure rate was unusually high, I didn’t ALSO claim at the same time that I am 100% correct. Do you understand the difference?

Dan Parker Pedant Mode On: I didn’t explicitly say that everything you have said is misrepresenting everything I have said, what follows from that statement is merely a clarification of what I was trying to express just in case it was being misrepresented through misunderstanding what I am saying.

Man, I like using your needless pedantic aggression against yourself. :smiley:

Are you able to disprove the other way? Are you able to disprove that it WON’T fail after a long enough time? Because your assertion is that I cannot claim that it will fail after long enough, meaning that you can disprove my claim and that it won’t fail after long enough.

And that’s the final little nugget, fortunately for me, we’re not friends or related, which means you haven’t the foggiest idea what I do and don’t know factually.

I do love your need to be Internet’s police on what’s correct and what isn’t, I see you getting aggravated all over various Facebook groups and on here. It must be tiring, I used to be as angry as you and felt the need to “set everyone straight!” but then I realised I was just being an angry little man and causing myself unnecessary stress over pointless Internet posts. I recommend you re-evaluate some life choices and perhaps don’t take everything so black and white, allow a little forgiveness and wiggle room and you’ll find yourself being a much nicer person to everyone else who will in turn respond to you in kind much better.

Anyway, I KNOW you’ll need to have the last say in this so say your piece and this will be the last I speak to you specifically on this.

Back to the point.

Good plan, don’t forget the Lowe’s coupon codes to get it even cheaper than that! Would you mind doing me a favour and letting me know what hardware/software rev it’s installed with when you get it? I want to know if there has been changes since mine which hasn’t failed yet but it does randomly lock up and become completely unresponsive, I have to power cycle it to get it to start responding again, it’s the only device in my Z-Wave mesh that I’ve had behave this way.

Sure. I looked for Lowes coupons and came up empty. Where do you find them?


It all started off here where if you want to create your own coupon and do the check bit:


Ah, I see the problem now. You don’t understand what the term, “statement of fact” means. No, it most certainly does NOT require the explicit inclusion of phrases like, “and this is 100% fact”, or others to that effect.

“It’s 95°F outside right now” is a “statement of fact”, regardless of whether or not it’s true or you know it to be true. It is an unqualified assertion that the temperature outside right now is 95°F. In other words, it is an assertion that the stated temperature is a fact. It might be a true statement of fact, or it might be a false statement of fact. But it is a statement of fact in either case.

On the other hand, “I think it’s probably 95°F outside right now” is NOT a statement of fact. It’s an exercise in speculation.

Do YOU see the difference?

Red herring. My ability/inability to prove/disprove anything is irrelevant, as I’ve made no claims at all regarding the reliability of the product in question.

Not even close. My assertion is that you DID claim that it will fail after long enough. So obviously can make such a claim. The issue is whether or not you have sufficient knowledge to support that claim. By your own admission, you do not.

Oh, but I and anyone else most certainly DO have some idea about what you do and don’t know factually. Why? Because you’ve told us:

So, you don’t actually know what the product’s actual failure rate is. We can further speculate with a reasonable degree of confidence that you don’t even know the approximate failure rate for the product. Of course you might, but that conjecture would be consistent with the anecdotal nature of what you’ve posted so far.

Seriously, that’s the lamest grade school tactic in the book. And your digression into internet stalking, personal attacks and playing self-impressed armchair analyst is just pathetic.

Please, enough already. This thread was supposed to be about the features of the GoControl, and other options for an ST garage door opener, not a flame war about what constitutes facts, as applied to on-line reporting of a devices reliability. Based on what I see on Amazon and here it seems pretty clear there is an issue w/the GD00Z. Impossible to know the actual failure rate but it looks to be unusually high based on on-line reporting. If Benji wants to wager any new device will fail in a year that’s his business; based on the feedback I feel like I’m taking a risk buying one but at least I’m aware of the risk so I won’t be surprised if my unit fails. I’m hoping he is wrong and the failure rate is less than 100% and I’ll get a good unit.

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Well we have two in this thread so far that are still alive! In fact @bamarayne I think holds the crown for the longest one I’ve ever heard surviving! My third unit, now a Lowe’s version instead, which I went back and checked, I actually got in January last year so this unit is the longest one I’ve had that hasn’t died in the same way.

Just keep in mind that, for whatever reason, if the unit gets/has to be power cycled for whatever reason, you must complete one manual open/close cycle of the door before you can remote control it as it needs to sync up with the tilt sensor again.

For reference, it was priced at $65 and back then there were $15 off coupons, though I do remember times when Lowe’s would make crazy price changes and some people were picking it up for $6, yes, really.

Well this is interesting…

Same lockup issue as my Lowe’s unit. I don’t know how identical the hardware is inside but could be a firmware issue. I wonder how old that person’s unit is…

I replied to the other thread, but I bought it in April of 2016. IDE stats of version below:

zw:Ls type:4007 mfr:014F prod:4744 model:3030 ver:1.00 zwv:3.67

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This model is very sensitive to power line fluctuations. Adding a mini UPS to it makes it a very stable and fixes most of these issues.

Also ensure that the device is within about 50ft of another Z-Wave repeater otherwise it could potentially lose it’s connection with the controller and may need be re-paired. Often reorienting the device helps as the antenna on it is not omni directional.

Here is (incomplete) list of products that the GoControl opener is compatible with:

If you look at the Nexx Garage door controller it can even work with MyQ products from Chamberlain/Liftmaster, but they don’t have an active integration with SmartThings yet (we’re working on it) but it’s worth checking it out.

I purchased my via Amazon. It’s had a few power cycles over time and some extended (few hours) power outages. The only time I’ve ever had to do the open/close sync cycle was when the battery in the sensor died. I’m guessing I got super lucky. I have about 50 of the GE smart switches that were sold at Lowe’s and came in the plastic clamshell… I’ve never had one of those go bad either…

I guess it’s the Luck O’ the Irish in my blood.

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Unfortunately I think the IDE isn’t giving the actual firmware info, just the firmware version for the Z-Wave chip itself or something. Mine is identical, unfortunately I chucked the box which I believe had the hardware and software rev. on it.

Thanks for the info though!

That’s been my next thought, my area is extremely prone to brown/blackouts which may well have attributed to the early death of the other two I owned but while I’m surprised nothing else in my house has died from the bad electricity here, it would still make it the only device that has.

Signal is definitely not an issue, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many GE light switches and other powered Z-Wave device forming a great mesh leading up to it. Good info though!

That’s super weird, because I believe it even says in the manual or something that as a safety precaution, if it ever loses power you have to do a manual cycle at list once, maybe it’s only one direction or something.

I’m on about 50+ GE 127xx switches/plugs as well and have never had an issue with them and my initial two are probably 3 years old now.


It’s very possible that it is actually the case and I’ve just never noticed it. There are a lot of people living in my house (11 at one point) and the garage door goes up and down what seems like 80 times a day.

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While nobody here mentioned it, I’m wondering about using the MyQ hub instead. I’d shied away from it since it’s not native ST but I know there is a device handler for it and it sounds like it works pretty well. My neighbor has one and I found out it’s worked for him for 4 years w/no issues. Is there a reason everyone doesn’t just use this instead of the GoControl? (as an added bonus it looks like the MyQ can control two doors w/a single hub … a nice little bonus)

For the same reason you just mentioned, it isn’t an official integration which mean MyQ could disable it if wanted to in future. Having said that it’s been working great for the past few years.

My primary reason for putting it in ST is to avoid a second app, and to use the status to set the status LEDs on my spiffy new HomeSeer 200+ switches. I can live w/out the LEDs if I have to, and using a second app isn’t that big a deal, as long as it actually works. Mostly want I want is something that will be easy to set up and reliable. Sounds like MyQ fits the bill.

Wasn’t there a little bit of a fallout with MyQ because of some SmartThings smartapps spamming their servers or something and things got shut down? Then MyQ decided that they were going to start charging for 3rd party integrations or something?

I too have encountered the same problem. I am sure that if we poll the community, we would find that this is a common problem. If I were a betting man, it would appear to be a design problem.

We all know it’s a problem, don’t worry :wink: