Genie ReliaG 650 / Go Control GD00Z-4 Compatibility

Trying to connect my Linear Go Control GD00Z-4 to Genie ReliaG 650. I can get Go Control added to Hub and status of door (open/closed) correctly recognized. When sending command to open/close garage door the Linear device beeps and seems to be sending command to garage door opener (click sound heard in garage door opener). However, the garage door is not moving. Any guidance? Checked Genie site and Nortek site to no avail.


If you have a Series III wall button, you’ll need a “dry contact” adapter

I think the Series III look a certain way or color…I just got a Genie recently and was making sure the Go Control would work with it, but I discovered it was a Series II. The way I tested it was “jumping” the two terminals on the opener for a second (simulating a dry contact).

I have a standard 1 button garage door wall button. That said, the connection on my garage door opener looks similar to the connections on the dry contact adapter. Do you think I need the adapter?

	Jim Vick

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It doesn’t look like you have a Series III wall control–especially if it is a single button that looks like a door bell. Have you confirmed that it is connected properly (the 2 wires from the Linear Go Control should be landed on the same terminals as the wall control (in parallel, essentially)? The other trick, like I indicated above, is to take a short wire and “jumper” between the two terminals that the wall button connects to on the opener. The door should open or close.