Gocontrol issue

(Fernando Fuentes) #1

Just wondering if anybody out there experience this issue…
My GoControl after working fine for several months, Today I can hear it making the beeps when the open/close commands are sent BUT it wont open nor close remotely… Was working fine for 6 months with no issues!


(might be my fake name?) #2

it’ s pretty common that they start to fail after 6-12 months of use… I’m on my second one. My first one beeped one day and wound’t open or close. amazon reviews say same thing… more often than not.

If your 1 year warranty is still good, GoControl will honor it… They honored mine, but only after I kept bugging them about it. I opened a case with them that stalled for weeks until I kept pestering them to take action. Finally they sent me a new one. I had to produce a receipt and send the faulty one back.

(Fernando Fuentes) #3

Thanks for your reply… Where did you submitted the ticket? Online or over the phone?


(might be my fake name?) #4

Phone. Number is here:


(Michael Deffendall) #5

Sometimes when it goes flaky on me, I pull it’s power cord, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in. You will need to manually open and close the door for it to realize it’s current status. As mine is plugged into a power socket on the garage ceiling, I used a spare zwave on/off switch and can cycle power on it, if necessary using ST. No ladder needed. :grin:

(Fernando Fuentes) #6

I have done that… The status does update but the door does not open nor close.