GoControl Exclude/Reset?

Hey guys,
I have a few GoControl outlets (WO15Z-1) that had to be removed from the network forcibly. I’m trying to reconnect them to the hub but the app doesn’t see them when I try to exclude and doesn’t see the device when I try to add it. I’ve used the exclude instructions for the device too and it just isn’t seeing the device. Any thoughts?

I thought there might be a factory reset but I can’t find any info on it.


The manual isn’t very well written, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Issue a “general exclude“ from your hub and press the button on the outlet twice to accept it. That should reset it.

Then do the add a device command from the hub and this time press the button just once.

Well I just had an interesting experience. I simply could not get it to work at all. On a hunch I reinstalled the classic app. It worked like a charm. It excluded the outlet and then I was able to add it back in just a few seconds.

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