GoControl WO15Z Smart Outlet Troubleshooting

I have a problem I haven’t run up against yet. I just installed a GoControl WO15Z outlet, connected to the network just fine. However, when the device is on, the network shows it as off (and vice-versa). Doesn’t matter if I toggle the outlet manually (button) or using the app. The shown state on the app is always the opposite of the actual state.

I have a few other smart outlets, so I am generally familiar with how they should work.

I tried excluding and re including, but to no avail. Fixable? Defective? Any advice is appreciated.

Are you sure it’s actually on? Or is the LED just reversed? That is if you tried plugging a table lamp into it to see if in fact what you think is on is on?

I just asked because that model has a parameter which let you reverse the action of the LED indicator.


If it is actually on when off and vice versa, it may just be a defective device. In that case I would just return it.

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Wow, I feel really silly! Just checked it, and that is indeed the case. Thanks for helping out!

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