GO Control Garage Opener Unpair and repair

I am trying to help a friend with his GoControl garage door opener. When we started, if we tried to open from the SmartThings app, the Go Control Garage door opener beeped but did not open or close.
I thoiught it might be a good idea to unpair and start over. Now the controller still shows up in smart things but IT doesn’t do anything .
I tried excluding but Smart things complains that it is correctrly installed.HOw do I correctly exclude the device, get it readded and working. The Smart things hub is only 25 ft away Perhaps I am not close enough

For the non ZWave plus version of the go control. No you’re not close enough.

It uses S0 security with whisper mode join which translates to Within 6"

For mine I have a 50’lan cable to bring my hub to the garage just for my two Go control GDOs

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