GoControl Linear Garage Door Opener - Unable to discover

Hey all,

Finally decided to buy this for the garage. Tired of kids leaving it open at night and it staying that way until the morning. I cannot seem to get this thing to be discovered by my hub. I have it plugged in, in the same room as the hub to try to get it to pair. I have the app set to discover. I press the sync button on the GoControl appliance. it never shows up. Am I doing something wrong?

I tried resetting the unit by pressing the sync button five times. It reset but it is still not being seen by SmartThings. Any help would be very much appreciated.

did you try a z-wave exclusion?


OMG I hadnt even thought about that. That did it. Its being seen. I have it setup. Just need to go back and hook it up in the garage now! :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same problem. I cannot connect the GoControl garage opener with my ST hub. The sync times out.
My understanding is that the device must be listed (meaning paired earlier) before you can exclude it, correct?
How can I exclude this unit, if it does not show up in my list of smart devices?

Edit: OK, I did the exclude from the unit itself(press the button 5 times, it beeps and blink red once). I unplug power and try to sync again with ST. I press the button once, no luck. I pressed the button until it beeps, no luck. I even press the button until it keeps on beeping, no luck. Does not sync.
What am I missing here?
Does the door sensor also be close to the hub(and GoConyrol unit) for this sync/link to work?


The unit does not have to be connected to ST yet to do an exclude.

Thanks - I will reset the unit this afternoon and do the exclude from ST app.
Then I will re-sync the tilt-sensor with the unit (since I think in my attempts I pressed the sync-button until it beeped, with the tilt-sensor still in the garage).
Then I will try to sync with ST.