How to repair gocontrol garage door opener

I was using gocontrol garage door opener for while. for some reason all my device from ST app disappeared. which i have reinstalled except gocontrol garage opener. i pushed link button 5 times to reset. and try to repair with one push.
i do get 2 red blink light on control but ST app cant find it.

Can any one help me out please how to repair it with STapp

All my device from ST app disappeared too, over the weekend. I had to go to the “more”, “hub is online” and “Z-
wave utilities” and do a “Device exclusion” on all my devices to get them to connect again. The Garage doors were the quirkiest, 4 button pushes, then run “exclude”, and push once more. I added the extra step of unplugging them after also, but not sure if you need too. Then one more push to reconnect. Had to do them each about 3-4 times.
I think the devices disappeared because it changed my “home”, for reasons I can not figure.

I follow all the steps but still not working. when re connecting with one just i hear one deep the few red light flash the 3 deeps.

I’m not sure this is your issue, but I think I remember people having issues with it being too far away to connect and had to take the device down from the garage door and hold it a few inches from the ST hub.

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Try using the device exclusion mode from the website not the app. I’ve been having trouble lately with excluding items via the IOS app where it works perfectly from the web utilities.

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I had to fool with both of mine for an hour, after my initial Smartthings setup did a total meltdown and reset. I took one down and moved it to the hub, but got the other one to work without doing that. Just had to exclude it 2-3 times, and retry each time. I think you also have to push the Link button AFTER you exclude it. Then retry. My garage is about 25 feet from my hub. Pushed the Link button over and over too. Didn’t help that one was a GoControl and the other was a Lowes (IRIS) and they were slightly different. PIA for sure! lol (Got the Iris for $60 on ebay)