Globe Suite and ST Integration

BTW, A friend of mine mentioned that If This is a Chinese company, their workforce may be significantly affected by the self quarantine efforts going on there.

Wyze, for example, just sent out a letter saying that their new keypad is going to be delayed at least a month because of coronavirus supply chain issues.

My friend said one of their Chinese partners which just provides programming has about a third of their staff out, and there are “delays of unknown length to be expected.”


My phone just updated the Globe Suite app … must be getting close


I also wonder how much of the delays/issues with getting this integration rolled out is on the SmartThings side.


Shouldn’t be at all at this point unless Globe had questions about the smartthings API that they were not getting answers to.

On the new platform, the device manufacturers take responsibility for the integrations, develop them, and publish them. They shouldn’t have to wait on smartthings for anything other than information.


I understand that’s the goal, just wasn’t sure if the new platform and documentation was at that point yet.

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Platform, yes, although still in development. The documentation is apparently still missing a lot of pieces though.

See, for example,

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Because I think ST as a whole don’t have a level playing field yet (still). And it also seems the people developing the Connect app are disconnected from the back end folks because it’s a freaking mess.

I think you need to lower your expectations to be honest. Come back in two years and they may be half way there.

Global Suite has a serious problem getting this right as they are using Tuya to create access it looks like. If you go to Tuya, Global Suite, Smart Life and I’ll bet there are others you’ll see that they are using the same interface. I’ll bet it’s just user name and password all getting stored in the same Tuya database and from there it decides what vendor to hook your app up to. I’m sure any Tuya type device will hook up to any of the apps. I’ve tried a few and yes they can be added to any app. Bottom line is I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Global Suite isn’t really even involved in the cloud to cloud interface between the Tuya/Global Suite apps and Smartthings app, it’s Tuya/Smartthings.
If I’m right it will be out sometime in March, just not sure about the year so don’t hold your breath. It’s coming but so is Christmas, I’ll bet on Christmas.

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Just forget end of February

Any suggestions on how to integrate tuya/smartlife app devices with ST beside IFTTT and virtual switches because that seems to be acting up for a few days now would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Life is too short, I’d get off this topic and come back in 1 month to see if things have progressed :blush:

I use virtual switches and Alexa


think its time to ditch my Tuya bulbs and plugs

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I couldn’t agree more. I’ve wasted so much time these days with the Tuya bulbs that makes me once again agree with that old saying that I’m to poor to afford buying cheap shoes.


I haven’t heard that one before, but that’s how I feel exactly! Of course, I’m also an engineer, so I do put value on good engineering. :wink:

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It’s possible to Tuya-convert to Tasmota and integrate with ST…

Yep you have to flash the firmware. If you want to use Tuya devices outside of the Tuya app use Homeseer. They have a free plugin that works.

BTY they also have a free plugin that connects to Smartthings so you can use all of your ST devices there too.

All silent on the front!
Any news?

Globe Suite just showed up on my SmartThings App a few hours ago


But it looks like none of the devices are just showing up — can anybody test this ?