Getting water leak notifications despite sensor not selected in SHM

I’d like to use one of my Xiaomi Aqara water leak sensors as a water level sensor in a certain water tank (if you’re curious – the water tank that feeds my chicken coop’s automated drinking vessels).

The problem is that the SmartThings Android app (the new app) instists on sending me a notification every time that sensor is “wet”, despite the fact that the particular sensor is not selected in the SHM settings. I made sure to select there only my other leak sensor that is indeed intended to detect leaks.

This problem prevents me from proceeding with the next step of my plan, which is to set up an automation that will issue a notification when the sensor is “dry”, which is when the water level in the tank goes below the sensor’s contacts.

Any ideas why I’m getting those leak alerts for an unselected leak sensor?

SHM settings:

Wet notification from the unselected sensor:

go to menu > settings > notifications and disable the notification for that sensor and see if that resolves the issue

note: don’t disable notifications for all devices… find your sensor and disable only for that device :slight_smile:

then you can create your automation to send alerts when it is dry.


You’re a genius! Thank you :grinning:

Ah right, I was wondering what device notifications might actually be. I’d forgotten about the annoying leak sensor notification.