Getting Smart Home Monitor to stop sending reminders


(Frank Singel) #1

I know how to dismiss the alarms when I get them, however I get hourly reminders if I do not clear them. I would like to get just one notification and that be it, regardless of whether I clear it or not. Is there a way to configure this?

(Robin) #2

I have SHM setup with all actions blank (including notifications) and instead use CoRE to send me an SMS / respond as required:

SHM is 'away’
(Any of XYZ motion Changes to ‘active’ OR Any of XYZ Contact Changes to ‘open’)
|>Turn on siren
|>Flash lights
|>Send SMS “help me”
|>Activate flame thrower

(jotto) #3

How frequently are you triggering SHM alarm?

I only ask as it must be often for the notifications to be bothersome. At which point it begs the question, what are you using SHM for? May want to rethink arm/disarming of SHM and triggers and use other methods for certain notifications.

(Realy Living Dream) #4

That was my thought too. I just went back & looked. My last SHM alert was almost 4 months ago. ( I spilled some water working under the sink )

(Paul Van Der Eerden) #5

Reviving this post because I have the same question. While I am building out a complete solution, I currently have times were for several days in a row, a situatuon happens that triggers the alarm. For those days, the hourly reminders are annoying. I could go into all the details defending why I don’t do X or Y to stop getting alarms, but that’s not the point. I can’t find a way to disable the hourly reminders, which is what I’m looking for.