Disable Intrusion Alerts or Auto Clear/Dismiss Alerts in Smart Home Monitor

I have family members without smartphones who disable the alarm from a keypad. The problem is the alarm will not go off again because they have no way to clear/dismiss the intrusion alert in the app. If you dont clear/dismiss the alert, the siren on your alarm will not go off next time until you clear the alert.

Why is this not an option in the app? Or is it? Is there a workaround?

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I think you’ve worded this unclearly, right?

If you have access to the SmartThings App, then you can mange and dismiss SHM Alerts…, can’t you?

My family members without smartphones cannot dismiss the intrusion alerts in Smart Home Monitor because they do not have smart phones.

I myself have a phone but I am not home all the time nor have access to phone at work.

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Sorry I’m not helpful but I understand what you were trying to do, I see this was posted in 2017 so I’m asking if you ever found a solution to this, in my home I need to dismiss the intrusion alert in order to stop my siren alarming after my delay, we like to use Google so I was hoping to find some sort of scene or automation to dismiss the alert, id rather the siren never activated when it’s a family member or myself entering, I mean fgs I was able to do this stuff with redstone in Minecraft years ago but I can’t do it in smartthings in 2020?

You can only dismiss an alert from within the Smartthings app. It’s the only way.

This is a HUGE problem!!! STHM needs to fix this ASAP. How can this problem have lasted since 2017 without it being fixed. When anybody disarms the alarm, the intrusion alert should be cleared automatically without the need of the phone app!!!