Smart Home Monitoring Hourly Reminders

(Bobby) #1

So I noticed last night that I started getting hourly intrusion alert reminders because I forgot to clear the intrusion alert after I took the trash out. Reminders are a good feature, but would be even better if you were allowed to opt out. Is there a new setting for SHM to do that?

(The fish is still dead.) #2

…and for bonus points, let us configure the interval.

(Garrett) #3

One more plea for option to enable\disable and customize the interval.


Ditto on the option to disable the reminders and/or select the interval.

(glacierjay) #5

I agree… one alert is enough for me. Please let me turn off the phone-texted reminders and/or determine what the interval between reminders should be.

(Ray) #6

The ideal way would be clearing your phone notification also will clear the SHM alert.

(Chris Hart) #7

Have been trying to find out how to turn off reminders, found this, really sad that it isn’t available. Love the suggestion about turning it off OR changing the interval. For me and my setup, once is enough.