Getting Notified on SHM Intrusion Alerts?

Are there events that a smartapp can subscribe to, so it can get notified, whenever there’s an intrusion alert triggered by the SHM? I have a DSC system hooked up using Envisalink and is integrated with SHM. But, the motion sensors, I added outside the original setup I got with DSC don’t trigger the DSC alarm to get triggered. I’d like to create a smart app, that can subscribe to SHM alerts and then send a panic call to the DSC system.

I’m new to ST and maybe I’m approaching this the wrong way. Either ways, I’ll greatly appreciate any help on this.

First question: Do you have an iPhone or an android phone?

Actually have both (I have an Android and my wife has an iPhone)

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how I can go about with this?

Wondering if you have any further insights on this. You definitely sounded like, it’s doable and maybe the solution is slightly different from Android to iPhone. Appreciate your help on this.

I’m going to assume your looking for events other than the text and push notifications already in the SHM app so I’ll throw 2 idea’s out there. First would be the use of IFTTT, while not always the most reliable in my personal experience it may be able to be configured to do what you need. Next would be the use of the Universal virtual DTH and or CoRE. You could create a virtual button to act as a siren which SHM could trigger and uDTH could then flip a virtual switch to kick off a feed to you. Alternatively you could have uDTH trigger CoRE to process an action to get it where you need to go.

Just some thoughts to try to help you out since it seemed kinda quiet on this thread with help.

Thank you very much. Really appreciate the thoughts and the help. Will give those things a try and report back, if I have success!

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Hello @LCSteve - I was planning on working on this and I’m stuck not being able to figure out how to make SHM trigger anything other than send Push and Text notifications? Maybe, I’m missing the point and apologize, if this should be obvious. But, will greatly appreciate your help.

Try creating a Virtual Switch call it SHM Alarm…

Use this Switch in the Turn On Lights Option in SHM when Alarm is tripped.

Use CoRE to say,
If Switch SHM Alarm Changes To on
Then Using DSC Alarm Panel

I don’t know if another way of turning on the siren and stuff from ST…

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