Intrusion Alert?

Hi Everybody,

I just start working on smartapps and got troubles learning how to do things, i found a little incomplete the available documentation from ST.
I looking a way to use the “Intrusion event” or state or whatever. But i dont see any related documentation about it. Basically i want to be able to monitor all the motion and contacts when im out of home and if one is trigger them sendEvent(Intrussion). Also i look for detect this actions, let said, if event intrusion is detected but im at home, then falsa alarm so sendEvent(Dismiss). Something similar like this, is there a easy way to implemented?

If you are referring to the Alerts generated by SHM (Smart Home Monitor), there is (currently) no official API provided by SmartThings into its notifications. The closest hack is to have SHM trigger a “virtual Switch” in its alarm actions. But you cannot dismiss the alert from a SmartApp.

Many people simply avoid SHM because of this limitation (and other limitations). The Smart Alarm SmartApp or CoRE can be used to code an alternative alert management system.