Connecting Hue directly to ST? Not yet configured listed

Hey guys. I’ve just about got all my lights set back up on my St hub. With the exception of three of them. They are all osram bulbs just like the other ones. I couldn’t get then and another bulb to manually reset so I did a reset through the osram app. Everything is cleared now and I was able to add one of the bulbs back in ST but now I have three lights all listed in smart things as “not yet configured” selecting this in the add device shows the items listed simply as “things” what gives?

I already have a Phillips hue bulb that I have a feeling was a waste of 15 bucks as it doesn’t seem it can be added at all. It is currently turned off and not included in the bulbs mentioned above. Any help is appreciated

Step by step of how I did it.

First thing I did was install the Kudlow device handler in my IDE. Once this was done I used the Lutron remote mentioned below to reset each bulb. Info on how to reset can be found in the link in the thread. Once the bulbs were reset I turned them all off and did them one at a time, I would recommend you doing the same.

In the Smarthings App add the new bulb, it should be listed at the top and will show as a THING. Once added in the app, go to Smartthings IDE and log in. Go to MY DEVICES and find the item listed as THING and click on its name. Click EDIT at the bottom. Name - Hue Bulb, Label - What ever it is IE Living Room Fan, Type - Kudled Color Bulb (Note this will be all the way at the bottom of this list.) Now select Update. Thats it, do the same for any of the other Hue bulbs you have and you are good to go.

I don’t have any Osram bulbs, so I don’t know if they pair with a standard device type or if you need to add a custom Device Type Handler (DTH).

You can try just going into the Device and changing the device type it’s using to one of the existing bulbs (I’ve never looked to see if Osram is in the list).

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to add a custom DTH from the IDE, publish it, and then set it for those Things.

Thanks for the quick reply. Osram is actually listed in the app as a supported type. Besides, I have 5 other exact bulbs already added to St and working fine. It’s incredibly frustrating. I can’t get them to reset and I can’t even get the osram app to find them anymore. I’m about to scream!

Try moving them closer. Use the closest fixture to the hub for each one. Reset and add them.
Then put them back where they need to be.

I’m a moron. They are all three Phillips hue. Shouldn’t I be able to make them work with ST as well? To be clear they have only ever been connected to my osram bridge. Never been connected a hue bridge.

Resetting Hue bulbs I believe requires a remote if you don’t use the Hue bridge.

There are people who have them connected directly to ST, bypassing any light bridge. Again, a remote is required for resetting those.

You can check out this thread for info on the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote to reset them.

I can make them show up in ST as a new device. I went to IDE and changed them to ZigBee hue and they are now listed but on/off does nothing.

Maybe try this one?

I believe you’ll need a custom device handler to use them directly with the smartthings hub. I think @sticks18 has one.

If you haven’t used a custom device handler before, this FAQ should help:

Sweet I will wait to hear from @Sticks18

If they were connected to the Osram hub, the same thing applies. You will have to reset them using the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote that @diehllane linked to (there are other options, but I can’t remember what they are). There is no other way to reset them and have them join a new network.

Well that really sucks. Can anything from bestbuy be picked up that will do this? Ill go pick one up then return it after they are reset.

The Lutron remote can be found at Home Depot. That’s where I bought one.

It really sounds like the Hue bulbs are still stuck on a different Zigbee network or something. I’m not sure how or why ST can even see them as a Thing.

Is there anything available at lowes that would do this or does it have to be this specific item. We dont have a Homedepot in town and the closest one is an hour away.

This remote is only sold at Home Depot and there is no equivalent at Lowes. You might be able to do it with a Hue bridge if you could find that at Best Buy.

Drove up to the lake this evening and picked one up. What is the process for clearing the bulbs?

Once they are cleared, under what device type should they be added to ST?

Video at bottom right for resetting a bulb. You might need to pair it to the remote first.

They will probably pair as Kudled bulbs for since you’ve installed that device handler, but if this fixes the issue then any of the ones we’ve mentioned should work.

Got the controller and did the reset. Got the lights readded and they are now all working!!! @Sticks18 thanks for the patience and guidance. The steps to do this are very specific and I will write up a full step by step guide tomorrow for others who come along.

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I replied to you in the other post, but figured I would here to in case anyone else gets to this point. Everything is reset properly and connected to ST, but I can’t find the Kudlow device handler you are referring to. All the other device handler’s I have tried have failed to control the bulb. I have just the simple new Hue white bulb, not the color adjusting.

@sticks18 is the one who has provided it. Check the links in this thread. I’m pretty sure one of them points to it.