Getting fed up with smartthings issues

the first month of use it whas realy good but now man o man.
every 2 or 3 days my ikea button does not work and if it does work it’s the yeelights that won’t go on for some reason.
my aqara switch is still in automations but just does not work anymore.
my yeelight downstairs just won’t work via smartthings but still works via yeelight app :confused:
its been always something for the last few months. so is it me or is smartthings just really unstable ?
most buttons and yeelight lights only work if i open the smartthings app this happens every 2 or 3 days.

It’s definitely not just you, but different people have different experiences. :thinking:

SmartThings allows you to use many different devices from many different brands, but that’s always meant more rough edges than platforms that restrict your device choices more.

And the ST design philosophy has always meant a lot of undocumented changes which can be confusing even if they’re working as the company intended. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s also possible there’s some specific local issue with an individual device, either a weak mesh or local interference.

If you like, we can take one problematic device at a time and see if there’s any fine tuning that can be done to improve its reliability. But we’ll need to know the exact brand and model. And that kind of troubleshooting can be tedious, with no guaranteed improvement. So it’s up to you.

If you do want to start troubleshooting individual devices, start by reading post 11 in the following thread. (I’ll link directly to it.) then go up to the top of that thread and read the whole thing. After that, come back here and give us a specific brand/model that’s acting flaky and we’ll start with that. A screenshot of the routine, if any, would also help.

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters - #11 by JDRoberts

One more thought: as I have written before when I first started with SmartThings it took about a year and a half before I realized ST just didn’t have the reliability I needed for my own core use cases. As someone who is quadriparetic, I am dependent on other people to do any tinkering, even just popping the batteries out to reset a device connection. And home automation isn’t just a hobby for me: it’s an essential part of my everyday life.

I need a system that has an MFOP (maintenance free operating period) of at least 6 months and preferably 12. I don’t expect any system to be perfect, and .I’m ok if initial setup is a little complicated, but once it is set up and working I expect it to be like a dishwasher or washing machine: troublefree reliable operation for at least 6 months. I get that from HomeKit, Philips Hue, Alexa, and several other systems. With SmartThings, historically I’ve been lucky to go 3 weeks. :scream: Some of the glitches are minor, some are just confusion over undocumented changes, but for someone in my situation they can feel overwhelming. So I get reliability elsewhere.

I still use ST because of its power and flexibility, but I don’t use it for anything critical. Just convenience use cases where I have a backup or I’m ok if it fails.

But different things will work for different people. I do pay more for my more reliable systems, and I do have fewer device choices on those. Some people don’t mind the glitches. And some have a specific setup that works great for them. I always believe anyone who says their system works great or their system glitches all the time, even if the two have the same devices. There’s just so much variation possible with ST.

It’s possible that the coming Matter integration will improve reliability, but as an entirely new architecture it may be a bumpy road to get there. We will see. I’m mildly optimistic about the long term trajectory.


thanks for the info. i am not going to go over every device and micromanage them to work good :face_exhaling:
i expect that the devices just work not more not les no fancy features or something like that just work on and of. but that is not the case.

i changed almost all my lights to aduro witch are zigbee light and i use ikea buttons witch are zigbee as wel. but stil when the internet is out i cant control my lights :confused: i dont know if i need too do extra steps or not sins there is no manual :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the main problem is with the hub. if something is not working i open the app and turn it on and off and then it works again soo yea kinda frustrating if i have to do this every week or so :face_exhaling:

also sometimes it just forgets automations like they just disappear from my list :confused: