Aqara Wall Light Switches suddenly buggy (Feb 2024)

I’ve been absolutely disappointed with how SmartThings works especially lately. Almost nothing works as expected and everything is constantly slow, buggy or just not working.

My Aqara Wall switches using the Aqara/Xiaomy edge driver have been working fine for months now. I need them to be paired like that to ST, because the wonderful Matter standart only supports on/off and if I pair them to my Aqara hub I can not use them as buttons to trigger stuff.

Last several days they would be working once in a while, but most of the presses would result in the light blinking blue/red and the routine would not run. Has anyone encountered something like that?

Then all of a sudden the switch will forget it’s wireless (even though it’s still active in the app) and it will start working back as a relay turning on and off the light.

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Multiple people reporting different Zigbee issues in the last couple months. Could be a coincidence, of course…

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Blinking red/blue is a sign that the device was reset, try to repair and set up the device once again.

Tried that, but nah. Restarted ST Hub, worked for a while then at some point start blinking red blue. After couple of clicks they’re working again and then after 2-3 clicks they blink red-blue and revert to regular switches…