Getting back into SmartThings

I have an old smartthings system but I want to upgrade. With that, I see the is no longer. Why? I am looking at getting the upgraded hub but I also see the smartthings hub. Can I use either one?

Thanks for your advice

the old ST shop was merged into the samsung store quite some time ago… the new store is here…

smartthings is getting out of the hardware business and is licensing it out to other companies. so you will not find many available devices in the samsung store above.

Aeotec will be releasing a rebrand of the v3 hub in the next few weeks…


Thanks guys. I will have to look it up more but looks like it supports anything zigbee 3, or z wave or wifi devices which is great!

what do you guys think of the wifi system? or is that going to be DCed here soon.

if it was me… i would stay away from ST wifi.

one… if ST continues to shed hardware
two… i prefer separate hub from the wifi component
three … the ST wifi has had some issues…. just search the forum


If you mean the Wi-Fi mesh router model, I would not get that. for all the reasons that @jkp mentioned, plus this:

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Not quite. As with pretty much everything smartthings has done from the beginning of time, they have chosen to implement only part of the third-party standard. This means that some Zigbee 3.0 devices/features will not work on the Smartthings network.

Some examples:

  1. Groupcasting is limited, which means if you want to turn on a bunch of lights at the same time you may get a “popcorn effect”

  2. Touchlink commissioning is not supported

  3. The “Zigbee Green Power” stack was not inplemented, so some Zigbee 3.0 devices, like the batteryfree “friends of hue“ Switches, won’t work with smartthings. :disappointed_relieved:

So… A lot of zigbee 3.0 devices will work with the newer smartthings hubs, but not all.

I’m sure in time, ST will implement the full Zigbee 3.0 standard, until then, there are currently very few 3.0 devices on the market

I would have to respectfully disagree. They’ve done a little bit with groupcasting in the 5 1/2 years I’ve had a smartthings system, but it’s still not fully implemented. And they haven’t given any indication that they intend to implement either touchlink commissioning support or The green power clusters. So it’s not like the backup utility, where at least they’ve been promising one for five years. I just don’t think they’re very interested in it.

And as far as Devices on the market, i’d say over 75% of the “sold to consumer” Zigbee Devices in the US in 2020 were Zigbee 3.0 . Of course there are companies that have proprietary profiles, like control 4 , and that’s a different issue. But whether it’s IKEA or Hue or Aqara or Gledopto or Sengled or Innr or Sonoff or Amazon Echo, or, yes, SmartThings, most new devices introduced in this category in 2020 were zigbee 3.0.

Every zigbee device in the line that smartthings turned over to Aeotec is Zigbee 3.0, for example.

Although Zigbee Alliance does not keep their product catalog as up-to-date as the Z wave alliance does, as of this writing there are 828 certified Devices in the Zigbee 3.0 profile, 391 in the ZHA 1.2 profile, and 612 in the Zigbee Light Link profile. With almost all new products being certified zigbee 3.0, so it continues to gain share.[{"field"%3A"field_41"%2C"operator"%3A"is"%2C"value"%3A"57295d4703f18db6346a6127"}]&view_30_page=1

That wasn’t true even three years ago, but pretty much since the V3 hub came out, zigbee 3.0 has dominated this category.