Current SmartThings Hub

I have no idea why I have faith in Samsung. Half my stuff is OFFLINE then ONLINE back and forth.
Been communicating with support to no avail. I digress.
Is SmartThings Hub (2018) The newest Hub V3 (I guess)?
And why doesn’t anyone have them in stock?
I was going to upgrade to most current because support wants me to remove (which I can’t) and add devices again. If I’m going to do that I should just get new hub now.

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There is no newer ST hub than the v3. In fact, Samsung is getting out of the hardware side of the home automation business, and will be focusing on their ST Cloud Platform. There are numerous threads discussing this already.

Aeotec will be taking over the existing v3 hub and sensors. Beyond that, who knows?


Curiously, retailers are selling ST hub as usual here in Finland. And it is in stock. And other ST hardware too…

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