Can we get some new icons ...?

I’ve no doubt this is not a new request but a quick search didn’t find anything obvious.

The lighting icon choices are really lacking. There’s nothing that looks like an actual chandelier, vanity strip light, etc. There’s no bathroom extractor. No outside wall light. It seems to me this could be easily and quickly done.

Am I missing something? I can only choose from the ST list for standard device handlers right? I don’t want to use custom handlers if possible and thus move processing to the cloud.


I have downloaded a number of custom icons to use for rooms instead of pictures. They are black and white and fit nicely within the app. Alas we cannot upload our own icons for devices and I too find they are simply not enough - not even close.

For rooms, one place I found some is this site:


…and a radiator, and a downlighter - I’m sure we could go on and on! As to the standard ones, can someone tell me how automation relates to a lemon, or a bed? Hmmm… a lemon, perhaps I can think of one for that :blush::blush:

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I’ve been wondering the same thing. I can’t fathom why there are some of the icons on the list yet obvious ones are missing.

Come on people, its obvious that the lemon icon is for the GE Zwave Switch that has stopped responding… :wink:

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I ass-u-me’d it was for GE bulbs

Thanks. I didn’t realize that. I know that process works for some other settings too like ramp rate adjustments on dimmers.