Get ready to make the switch!

I have merged to Samsung account along time ago and currently using both apps and it’s becoming annoying. So I just myself and other user from the classic app? Or is there something else that have to be done?

I’m unsure what you are asking. If you have not been prompted to switch apps, then you can likely solely use the Classic app for now.

I was promoted a long time ago… About a year or so

The prompt you received previously would have been in regards to updating your SmartThings account to a Samsung account which is different from being prompted to switch apps.

I don’t remember if I was promoted… how can I check? If anything I would have dismissed.

@blake.arnold, @jody.albritton, @Brad_ST

Thanks for the glitch Vid-selector. Really appreciated!

Moving your device from SmartThings Classic?


Thanks your your and everyone else’s patience.

Two other updates for the community:

  • Rachio now has an official ST Schema integration which is available in the new app
  • Aeon Minimote ST-Approved DTH has been refactored and should be fully functional in the new app (if it’s not working properly for you, you may have to uninstall and reinstall the device)

We’ll continue to update everyone on the rest of the features/bugs that you’ve brought to our attention as we develop against them.


I have noticed following devices/smartapps based on custom DTH not working in new app while working flawlessly in Classic app:

  1. Kankun Wifi Outlet - showing offline. DTH:
  2. Lock Manager - lock being locked and unlocked but smartapp gives server/network error when clicked (to manage lock). Smartapp:
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I am using lum from @rboy and in new app it works great except if I set a code for a particular day only it never works.
Is anyone else using @RBoy lum on new st app and seeing this issue?

The wifi outlet one just needs the VID in the meta data.

I received the email notification to migrate, but the current version of the app is not voice navigable. (It is a major step back from two versions ago.)

Can I ignore the email? Or will I be forcibly migrated to an unusable system?


Will send you a DM to discuss. Wouldn’t have expected you to get that email…it only went out to users with fairly basic setups.

As mentioned before, there’s no hard deadline that is set at this point, so you aren’t being forced to move to the new app if there’s something specifically preventing you from it at this time.


Thanks @DavinD. Can you elaborate a bit more. What is VID? Should I add this as capability to metadata in DTH? Thanks again.

In new app i can´t see galaxy watch (no location “myStatus” and no device “galaxy watch”). In “Samsung IDE”, there is both “myStatus” and “Galaxy Watch”

Do you plan to incorporate the galaxy watch in the new application?

It is very interesting to use the galaxy watch for automations


In this post Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc) that “SmartThings has not yet published developer documentation on how to do this (use the Handler Device), so the best solution is to use the SmartThings “Classic” mobile app for now”.


If that problem exists, I find it complicated to move on to the new application of smartthings, although it is true that I have three Xiaomi devices and they work correctly in the new application.



I recently started seeing server errors in the shm running on the new st app.
It shows up when the app first launches.
Is anyone else seeing this?


yes I had same issue. it forced me to log off. when I logged back in, my location was gone and I had to add location again by accepting an invitation. when I added the location, the smart thingsHomemonitor was deleted. Also, none of the scenes are working.

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Yes, I’ve see that quite a lot over the few days. The ‘refresh’ button usually fixes things. I’ve seen quite a few other reports of it.

What’s the trick for Rachio? I am still seeing ‘Can’t connect to device’ in the Connect app.