Get ready to make the switch!

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I’m curious on this too. So far, we’ve been getting tickets that the multi-channel devices do not work properly in the new app.


(Edited:) The lack of selections in the “turn on when” field is a bug. I just tested and it works fine on my device running Android 10. Guessing from the header you’re in iOS? Please confirm and I’ll get a ticket in.


We feel the same way too. Looking at the metadata, most (not all) of the custom DTHs out there would get the same functionality from an ST approved DTH. That said, we know that custom DTHs are the secret sauce on the platform for more advanced users.

This, for me, is the most important item. Get this in place and the gaps can mostly be filled. My current problems are mainly around this. Those custom capabilites and UI are what is lacking. Other than the inane, like virtual/simulated switches showing “offline”, but do actually work.

Just got the email.

Is there any clear “SOP” or guidance to follow in order to have my DTH and Smartapps working with the new app?
How can I progress in the migration?

In other words, how do I go:


There shouldn’t be any reason it won’t work in the near future. Right now, stick with Classic until we finish rolling out some of the more advance functionality.

Overall disclaimer - the reason we’re doing this in waves is we want to give users the longest possible heads up before taking any kind of deprecation action related to the Classic app. Functionality will continue to roll out in the coming months to meet advance functionality needs.


Well, I created the thread below a while back:

I can say that I am no longer in fear! The New App has come a loooooooooooonnnnnng way and it’s quite usable and even intuitive!

Then I created this thread yesterday:

So, I am going to go into this optimistically. I do understand that there are limits on actions in the New App which I don’t understand fully but hopefully, I’ll be able to redo alot of my rules to be more efficient and this give me my fix that I’ve been longing for!



I went to bed early last night knowing this would be a “fun” day. :expressionless:


@blake.arnold is the migration starting today worldwide or only USA and Canada? The FAQ only has a support number for North America.

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I’m sorry if I’m not fully on top of all this, but last time I looked ate STHM it was not possible to implement entry/exit delays on selected zones (was all or nothing I believe?).
I don’t like to mess with a working system so I have left things alone and continue to use SHM and the SHM delay app.
What can we expect after the migration in this regard?
Also, are there any implications for ActionTiles users? Or, what about people who use the Konnected alarm modules?

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Multi-component devices (MCDs) operate a little differently in the new app architecture. Instead of a parent/child relationship it’s a main component and sub component relationship. We’ll post some additional info on this and what it means for custom DTHs in the coming days. @Eric_Inovelli feel free to shoot me a direct message and we can talk more specifically about Inovelli devices.


I’m waiting until Sonos is fully supported in Webcore before I move.

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Sonos support in Webcore is independent of app migration


Which SmartApp are you using there? Arlo has recently limited what type of conditions can be put on recording from within the SmartThings app. We’re still discussing with them but have to respect their wishes for what’s exposed in our app.

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We appreciate the support. This is the very reason we’re trying to get to a single app - it’s a confusing experience all around and it distracts from our ability to more rapidly develop in the new app.

The reason you got the email is because ANYONE who has shown signs of activity in classic and has a location that is active in the last year is being notified. We wanted to act out of an abundance of caution and make sure that no one was caught by surprise with this. A worst case scenario in our minds is that a user logs in one day and finds functionality unavailable without warning. We want everyone to be fully informed and aware and be able to provide as much parity in functionality as is reasonably possible.


@blake.arnold another showstopper app for me:

@bangali’ Rooms Manager:

Room Occupancy Device in Classic:

Same device class in New:


We figured this would be the biggest impact for our most advanced users. It’s also turned out to be one of the hardest things to do correctly within the architecture of the new app, which is why we’re moving cautiously. We’ll make sure you all have plenty of time to digest changes to custom capabilities and refactor where needed.

I would question the more stable and flexible. @Brad_ST has logged some bugs before Christmas what still hasn’t been fixed and causes frustration for new users as the app just crashes. And it is all just backend UX related. There are plenty ways to crash the new app.

The new ST app is delivered with all Samsung phones. Most of the users haven’t even got any idea what is it for. Using there needs in any “average user” determination is misleading the real result. Why can’t you give a straight answer? 300? People are hitting it easily on these forums.

I originally wanted to post in the other Child Device thread to please put on leash the Marketing/PR department because without the documentation it doesn’t make sense to change to the new app.
We are playing guessing game how to update our custom DHs to make work in the new app. But a single change in the DH causes the new app to crash. It goes this way for months. And we are asking for information for months or updates of the documentation, but nothing happens. But releasing an email about it is time to move happens. Please, think first before these acts.

When will be the well working camera functionalities transitioned into the new app? I am using @Rboy’s Foscam integration because the original ST integration has been abandoned years ago. (But available in the public repo.)
What about @pstuart’s camera integration which provides compatibility to basically almost any IP camera?

What about the community made projects. I am using the Smart Sprinkler made for the LinkSpriteR8. How would ST say that should work with one of the approved DHs. The new integrations are great, but there are plenty what has been built by people here and used by many. Another example is @erocm1231’s Sonoff integration. It has some functionality what hasn’t been migrated and are not in the settings.

What about users in the UK and Germany, just to mention the official regions. US support dodges any requests coming from those regions. UK support is about 4-5 people. Before Christmas when the Google Home integration went haywire they haven’t even replied to a genuine issue for a week. Luckily @Brad_ST helped the community again.

Please excuse me for the rant, but this announcement is bald. You can clearly see it from the reactions.

Edit: I missed the Xiaomi and Aqara integrations, and the Mi Connector and its device integration.


Hey Philippe - the new app won’t be able to provide the exact same UX that classic currently does as it doesn’t use tiles to render the visuals in DTHs or SmartApps. That’s where the UI metadata I’ve been mentioning comes in. More to come on this in the next weeks/month.


Thank you for the reply!

YES! Thank you :slight_smile: We’re trying hard over here to make it a great experience. On a personal note, I’ve been running my home on the new app exclusively for the last 4 months and have had no major issues. I’m running 90+ devices, webCORE and a number of SmartApps and custom DTHs. I’ve noticed a few differences but nothing that has substantially impacted functionality - mostly just made me rethink how I was doing things. In the process, I’ve also noticed a lot better stability and faster execution of most of my automations and scenes.