Geofence (location not working)

Problems with geofence in the modern app (automation when phone arrives). The phone is reported to come home, then it is not home within a few seconds. What could be wrong, did not have the problem In the old app.

@paros did this just happen with the new Android update?

If so, see this thread

Not sure, just installed the modern app and did the migration. I would say it happens every time. Fist the phone is home then its not home…

@paros Uninstall the app and reinstall it. Then re-set up geofence and see if it works.

Did you ever get this figured out?
I am experiencing the SAME thing

Geofencing was rock solid for me for years. Since I moved to the new app a couple weeks ago (forced) it is unreliable to the point of uselessness. deleted everything and reinstalled, recreated the automation in the new app and still sketchy…

IFTTT geofencing remains rock solid, but Smartthings not so much. Sadly can’t set the home / away security from IFTTT.

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@stumped you can turn on a virtual switch through ifttt, which could trigger an automation that changes the security mode. You could also use the smartapp presence sensors, which check your wifi to see if the device is still connected. I think this is a better idea than location geofencing.

This is turning into more of a hobby than I had anticipated

@stumped I know…you think your automating things, and then it becomes a hobby. However, smartthings is removing all the “hobbyistic” things (groovy, virtual devices, ide).

I have same issue with location basically non-functional for my pixel 4.

It’s interesting how ST fail to fix this issue…
This has been since Aug/Sept

I have rolled back to an older version
Everything works Yes Location works

Many times there is quite a delay using geofencing and other times it works flawlessly. Not sure what needs to be done to increase reliability. I also have 4 arrival sensors and they also only work reliable half of the time.

Thanks for the help, but I don’t use smartthings anymore. I’m off to hubitat now

I know this thread is kinda dead but it someone finds this and is looking for geofencing, I posted this on a newer thread about setting up geofencing on multiple devices (Samsung devices + Bixby Routines)