SmartThings intentionally disabled Geofencing?


My geofencing stopped working about a month ago, Galaxy s20. Called up SmartThings support and was told that this is a known issue, that the developers intentionally disabled mobile presence reporting and don’t have an ETA when it will be fixed.

This seems nuts.

Is anybody else experiencing this? Hard to believe they would just…shut off…a key component of the system. Perhaps it’s just me, although I’ve done all the usual troubleshooting steps.


this part I believe.

This part I do not. And it wouldn’t be the first time ST support desk agents have been caught making things up.

Both mine (Galaxy S10+) and my wife’s (Galaxy S20) have continued working just fine.

I’ve see a LOT of presence issues reported here, FB and Reddit. More on iOS since the latest IOS update than not. SO I don’t doubt that you are having issues, I do doubt it was intentional. :slight_smile:

Have you torn down mobile presence (turn it off on your phones, delete the devices in the IDE) and re-set it all up recently?


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, cleared data, signed out, removed app from phone, removed from IDE, rebooted, added back, etc. Still no dice. Never had an issue until a few weeks ago.

I wonder if it’s related to those that are installing the app fresh? Seems to coincide with what I did when my issues started… But then support said yeah, known issue, no fix, so I dunno… I’ll call back and see if I get someone else.

I removed the app and installed an earlier APK version ( and location worked great. Go figure.

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Doesn’t sound particularly credible. I’m using mobile presence a lot more than I ever have and it is rock solid for my home location.

Less so for Linked Places. Seems to me that if the presence isn’t, or can’t be, reported on entering or leaving the geofence there is no attempt to correct the information later. Still works though.

At best the support bod must have misinterpreted the facts.

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I lied, it didn’t work. Called up support again and got a second engineer who said “known issues, no clear scope of who it impacts, no ETA.”

So basically, no option to get geofencing working with SmartThings.

So over it. I would gladly pay for the service to improve quality and reliability.