Smartthings Android app update v1.7.51.42

Just came across it & wanted to get your word out.

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Version 175142…trying to see what changed.

Just got it too. I can see weather info now just below the location name in the dashboard.


  • NO release notes or documentation on changes other than pretty pictures…
  • power meter now shows watts correctly (xxxx.xw) vs rounding to show x.xkw
  • there’s now a “go to top” icon at the bottom of the dashboard when you begin scrolling down.
  • UI changes creating Automations
  • DISTURBING. "Get your location from this phone " is turned OFF and it won’t let me turn it on. This was ON and working before this update. It keeps erroring out with “try again later”. So far force closing the app and restarting doesn’t help. Great job f’ing up something else ST… @blake.arnold

Oh weather… how exciting! Same empty space up top?

Lol, yup up there. Looks like there’s a “The Weather Channel” logo now at the bottom of the dashboard.

PLEASE, can we get weather as optional ?

Also old problems are still there but new one is this: Sensor = Samsung/other based… in history data no real data only message ‘Epäluku’ which in Finnish is some value not recognized

Long time problems are these(which still work in the old app):

  1. No day high+lows
  2. Icons: same type of sensor one is OK but another one is different icon… no idea why ?
  3. Samsung products: is this accepted solution they show as grey text in the new app ? It makes me think they are not working

As a developer i tend to rather keep something which is working as such rather than breaking all the time… i have to admit smarttings customer experience has been very bad due to constant changes which are understandable under development but this has been ongoing how long ? Samsung cant get their ecosystem working under 1 year ?

When all these weird and breaking changes end ?

They added linked places to manage location, (theres a title case bug on added places) adds the ability to do place detection to these new auxiliary places in automations - if you’re using a Galaxy device

My device also prompted me to reset GPS permissions and verified ST was allowed to use location ‘always’ instead of just while in use (which indicates they’re updating presence on Android abd have determined only while in use is an issue)

Thr automation editor also seems to have been tweaked buy i dont have any indication if the bug with location precondition had been fixed.

That’s a good idea, no one has weather information on their mobile devices and who wouldn’t think of going to SmartThings to get it? I hope Broadlink don’t get cross that their idea was copied.


Yup, just found that. I wonder how many people this will mess with! Setting that up and even restarting my phone won’t allow me to turn on that location setting.

Ok, now I’m really pissed off. I can no long create or edit Automations using my phone because of location settings being broken!!! @blake.arnold @Brad_ST

As for the addition of the weather, I’ll bet that TWC is paying them something for the advertisement (smile). At least if they are paying SmartThings sometime, then I don’t have to.


My Samsung Galaxy S8+ new SmartThings app geolocation just started working again last week triggering my Automations so I hope it still does after this update.

I’m on a galaxy note 8 & it’s not letting me select my phone for location. I enabled it in the app but still not doing it.

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I’m on a Note 5, and no matter what I do I can’t turn this on. Luckily I’ve disabled auto app updates on my other phones.

I have a s20+ and can toggle my settings for GPS presence sensor just fine but my wife running a moto something rather was turned off after the update and keeps tossing an error to try again.

Top notch QA ST team. Two thumbs up.


Ok so I cleaned the cache & reset & still location cant be selected. Worked before. Needs fixed quickly. Breaking simple things as an update is released needs to stop…this is getting old.



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What do I do with linked places? So i add my home?

Apparently, my Samsung S8+ got the update from Google Play 7hrs ago. My S8+ still has the get location from this phone toggle on, and I can still select the phone as a member location for Automations.

As for weather, I see it as an Automation trigger with weather, temperature, and humidity options.

Update: Just checked the STHM and had to set back up my Send text message notifications.

Is it safe to delete my galaxy & re add it to see if location works then? I’m so afraid to try anything because of these dam updates…
Everything keeps breaking…its like this is a fixer upper!!!

From Google Play.

And when I opened it on my Samsung Tab S6 it showed this. I didn’t see ‘SmartThings’ Find on my SmartPhone when I opened it.

I had to close and reopen the SmartThings app and now it’s displaying an actual map background.