Geofence Automation says it ran but didn't

Hey all. I have been having problems with my geofencing triggered automations. I have one called “Google Bye!” that is supposed to kick off when I leave the range of the house. It turns off all the lights, turns the heat down, checks the door lock and makes sure the garage door is closed. Lastly it is supposed to arm the smart home monitor. Well it isn’t doing ANY of that. Went into the History and took a look. It says that it kicked off. The entry states:

Good Bye!
To activate the Good Bye! automation, Smartthings shared #{deviceprofile.nick} location information with the members of Kerry’s House.

Any ideas? Should that device profile.nick actually be populated with a real name there? I’m pretty perplexed here. I even deleted one of the geofence automations and rebuilt it from scratch with a new name and no changes.


Which SmartThings app are you using and how is the automation setup?

Latest version of the app. 1.6.27-223 Not the classic app. Not sure what you mean by how the automation is setup.

Was it created with the custom automation creator, Smart Lights, etc.

Gotcha. Custom Automation creator

ok. Could be several things, but the most obvious that stand out is that the new app doesn’t allow any automations unlocking locks or changing Smart Home Monitor state.

Yes I know that. (Lame btw) But it also is not changing temp on my ecobee, turning on lights or opening the garage door.

iOS or Android? iOS ha sissies with keeping the location tracking toggle turned on. Then turning it back on creates another device separate than the first one.

Yup I’m on iOS. Right now I only have one phone listed in the IDE.

Check your settings to see if the toggle turned off