Did hell just freeze over?

One of the big areas of heartburn for me has been that when using geofencing triggers, ST had locked out the unlocking of doors and garage open/close, as well as the Smarthome Monitor state change. It looks like part of that is fixed and they door locks and garage door changes. Hurray! Now I just need to keep harassing them to allow changing the Smarthome Monitor state. Come ST get it together!

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it did! Looks like they are listening :slight_smile:

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Wait, does geofencing actually work in the new app? (Specifically asking about Android.)

it does on iOS as long as you don’t have Classic installed.

Dont hold your breath. It “kinda” works but inherently geofencing as a whole is still buggy even outside of Smartthings. I am on iOS and it has worked about 70% of the time so far the last couple of days.

Figures I would find this out after writing my own presence system in Tasker over the last couple of days. LOL