Gentle wakeup alternative?

Is there a better version of the gentle wakeup smartapp? I have tried the one that is available directly from the smartthings “store”, but it doesnt allow me to specify a colour.

are you using “classic phone app”? Webcore can drive whatever logic you want.

I was interested in gentle-wakeup for a while, but after reading on the subject, there is some logic to just jolting awake in the morning for a fast start in order to rise to the demands of daily activities. Endocrine systems have evolved for a highly variable load and they can manage it fine without us evolved-monkeys adjusting the sun’s ramp rate.

That said, you definitely don’t snap the lights on actual monkey rooms, because they will simply go ape-****-bananas. And the researchers are only SLIGHTLY less angry.

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I was using the classic phone app, I think Im just going to do it with webcore like you mentioned. I dont actually want or need the lights to wake me up but I find it so hard to get out of bed when the room is pitch dark so Id like some dim light that comes on gradually to make that easier.