Gentle Wake Up Help Please

I’m looking for something to dim/raise my lights gradually, and the Gentle Wake Up smart app seemed to fit the bill. I’ve gone though installing it through the IDE Console. I’m in the UK, so am going to and installing the app from the template. I pick up the template and click Create, Save and Publish to me. It shows up as a custom smart app in Smartthings on my iPhone. So far, so good?

However, when I try to create an automation using it, all I get is “Something went wrong. Please try to install the smart app again”. I’ve done that several times, making sure that it has disappeared from the Smartthings betweeen uninstalling and reinstalling. Same failure every time.

Any ideas?


Trawling though the forum, I found mention of the Gentle Wake up app being in the labs section. That seems to work, but I seem only to be able to create a single automation with it. Am I being dumb and missing something obvious?

A correction: The app in the Labs section doesn’t actually do anything.

I should add that I have a V2 Hub. Maybe that’s my problem?

Just use the universal sign-on at and it will take you to the correct cloud shard for your account regardless of your region.

That’s also the best link to use in forum posts since otherwise people can get confused and end up on the wrong shard.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve been mislead to the wrong shard before, though I didn’t know what a shard was then.
Created the custom app there and was v puzzled about why it wouldn’t show up on my phone. Then twigged that the console didn’t know about any of my devices. I must have gone the route you suggested, but only bookmarked the shard URL. I’ve changed my bookmark now.

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