Circadian Rhythms Smart App + Gentle Wake-Up

I have recently installed and enjoyed the “Gentle Wake-Up” And Circadian Rhythms" Smart Apps. Both are lovely and do exactly what they set off to quite brilliantly, except for one issue which I hope the smart and wonderful community here can help me solve.

When combined and running simultaneously, the apps conflict with each other, causing the lights to flicker or just jump straight to 100% brightness whenever the Circadian Lights App checks in which is hardly awesome and completely defeats the “gentle” part of the wake-up :slight_smile:

I would love to run a “Gentle Wake-Up” App routine (the kind that slowly fades in the bedroom lights over a period of a preset amount of minutes) without disrupting the Circadian Rhythms App cycle.

One solution would be to trigger the “Circadian Rhythms” Smart App to turn on some time after the time which conflicts with “Gentle Wake Up”. However, simply beginning the Circadian Rhythms app at a point other then what is pre-programmed will screw up the entire schedule so starting it 30 minutes later is not a solution I can implement.

Have any of you managed to have these apps coexist peacefully and not interfere with each-other? If so, what did you do to achieve that particular harmony?

Thank you in advance for all the advice, ideas, hints, tips, and solutions!

I’m not sure about Circadian Rhythms, as I use Circadian Daylight, but the way I have it set up is to not dim/adjust color when a certain switch is on.

So as part of my wake up routine, the switch turns on, the gentle wake up controller launches, then I have the gentle wake up controller turn off the switch.