Gentle Wake Up SmartApp Crashes ST iPhone App

With all of the ST issues, my Gentle Wake Up automation quite working all together. I deleted it and added it back. Now when I try to add a “Completion Action” it crashes the whole ST iPhone app as soon as I click the Completion action option. When I restart the ST app, it says it sent a crash report. Anyone else with this issue? Any Ideas?

Not sure - but you can make a much better Gentle Wakeup Automation using Rule Machine

I just saw something about that while searching this issues. I have installed rule machine but have not played with it. No better time than the present i guess.

I am experiencing the same crash when adding a completion item. Have tried on v1 and v2 app on ios. Also tried older versions of gentlewake and have the same problem.

i created gentle wake up using rule machine. i created using 2 rules. couldnt figure out to combine into 1. see examples

Gentle Wake up never completes its cycle. Mine has stopped working too. It used to work fine, but recently has stopped. I deleted it and re-added it and now it never completes its cycle. I tested it to go from 1% to 30% over 5 min time period. According to the logs, it stops 1 min shy and has only made it to 19% dim level. Kind of stinks for an officially published app. I have friends with the similar behavior.

Not crashing on Android but I can also confirm the app times out, never completes. I have it running in reverse at night in a kid’s room. Dimming stops midway over time.

Its like the new version killed this. Anyone have any other options. I haven’t tried rule machine, may be something to look at

Adding to the chrous. Gentle wake up hadn’t been completing for me for the past couple of days. Today I opened up IDE to check the logs while it was running and it worked fine. I ran it again tonight and it worked perfectly again. I’ve done nothing to fix the issues.

Has anyone opened a ticket for the app crashing when adding a completion action? My gentlewake now fires via a virtual switch triggered by IFTTT. Using IFTTT seems to have alleviated the scheduling resource issue at peak hours (sunrise/sunset) so the app now fires on time. Changing the start time from exactly on the hour @6am to 6:03am has helped with completion. I also bought a VERA EDGE which I may return, setup is a bit trickier, but for scheduled events like dimming up lights in the morning it has not failed yet.

@steve_vlaminck here is the crash thread

I believe the fix is to remove the style: “segmented”. After doing this it let me get to the option page and select either dimmer level or to on/off.

	section("Switches") {
		input(name: "completionSwitches", type: "capability.switch", title: "Set these switches", description: null, required: false, multiple: true, submitOnChange: true)
		if (completionSwitches || androidClient()) {
			input(name: "completionSwitchesState", type: "enum", title: "To", description: null, required: false, multiple: false, options: ["on", "off"], style: "segmented", defaultValue: "on")
			input(name: "completionSwitchesLevel", type: "number", title: "Optionally, Set Dimmer Levels To", description: null, required: false, multiple: false, range: "(0..99)")

@Brian_Solomon, thanks for calling me out here. You’re absolutely right that the segmented control is the cause of the crash. I’m working on changing Gentle Wake Up so iOS won’t crash, and then I’ll be updating iOS to not crash (at the very least, it should not crash, right?).

As for Gentle Wake Up not finishing… this is excruciating. The problem is that Gentle Wake Up makes extensive use of schedules which seem to not be working properly at the moment. shows scheduled SmartApps as Operational, but the Gentle Wake Up code hasn’t changed in a really long time so I don’t see how it could be Gentle Wake Up. However, I’ll start debugging and see where it takes me.

I agree, this used to work flawlessly and then one day… But that is how it goes with ST. Things work great until one day and then everything stops working. :slightly_smiling:

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@steve_vlaminck, thanks I advance for a fix. So am I to assume you wrote the original app? I can’t really see the code since I installed it from the ST app unless I’m missing something. That could be, I’m a noob and still understanding the architecture. Thanks again.

Yeah, I wrote and continue to maintain Gentle Wake Up. I originally wrote it after seeing the Withings Aura, and it’s been slowly evolving based on community requests, and my own usage. I try to check in on this thread every now and then, but tend to forget about it until someone specifically calls me out.

If you want to see the code you can always checkout the public repo. Please try to refrain from judging my code, though. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned up in there :wink:

I spoke to some people yesterday about the scheduling issues, and a hotfix went out last night that seems to have made things better. You may need to update your SmartApp to reschedule it, but then it should work again. My Gentle Wake Up worked perfectly last night and this morning. I had to do update my morning SmartApp to force the initial schedule to get rescheduled, but then it worked fine.

Anyone else seeing things work again?

I’ve also received word that my new version of the app should be in production on Thursday. It doesn’t have any changes to scheduling logic, but it does have a fix for the iOS crash. It also has some nice improvements that I will write up and post here later.

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@steve_vlaminck so your updates are automatically available in the Marketplace app, or if I want the latest and greatest I should get the code from the github repo?

If you’re updating to fix your schedule, all you have to do is go into the settings screen and hit the “Done” button. If you want my new version of Gentle Wake Up, it will be updated in the marketplace sometime tomorrow. I’ll post when the change goes live.


Super, I have been using the Hue labs and sucks, so I haven’t tried yours in a while, I don’t even have it installed. I’ll grab the new version when available. Thanks for your quick response.