Wake Up Lights Smart App not working

Hey guys. Installed the Wake Up Lights smart app yesterday and set it to make my two lamp lights come on over a 30 min period. Never came on this morning. Any body know why this wouldn’t be working? Suggestions for getting this functionality to work?

Check the events for this SmartApp in the IDE. Most likely it was a scheduler breakdown (that’s always my first guess these days) and the action simply didn’t trigger at all. You may even be able to see when the next scheduled action is supposed to take place. If it’s in the past, you need to “Update” the app to refresh the scheduler.

Any “scheduled” events in ST are unreliable. That’s right, ST can’t turn a light off and on reliably.

How do I view this? When I go to My Smartapps its not listed. Only the apps I have manually added are here.

Only thing I see at that time is

2016-02-16 5:10:03.230 AM CST
6 hours ago APP_COMMAND on

2016-02-16 5:10:03.067 AM CST
6 hours ago APP_COMMAND on

I believe one of them is for the wake up lights and the other is for All the other lights to come on which is programmed through Rule Machine

The rule machine runs and lights come on as expected.

I take that back. Double checked and wake up is set to fire at 5:05AM and nothing fired at that time.

Sorry, you want to go to one of the devices involved in the My Devices section. Scroll down and you’ll see the SmartApps they’re used in. You can click the Wake Up one to get some info on it including the scheduled jobs.

I’ve seen other threads about this (have the same problems) and the help desk said there are bugs in they gradual alarm smartapp. They are working on fixes for that too. No ETA

I stopped using it since it failed so many times. I have an alarm clock and using Rule Machine for my rules (open blinds, disarm alarm). That works 95% of the time, still have to check before I leave that its ran.

I added a backup trigger with IFTT for “mission critical” items like wake-up alarms and that seemed to help. That was a suggestion from the help desk. It’s wrong to have to trigger something this way but you have to do what works, right?

I actually found some pretty cool channels for other things like my Honeywell thermostat in IFTT so I’m glad I tried it.

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