Gentle wake up (original version) Replacement?

In 2019 I came across “gentle wake up controller” (GWU) by Steve Vlamick. I didn’t use it for waking up but used it to transition scenes for multicolor led strips, changing the mood throughout the day. Its great advantage was smooth transitions. It was installed via the Classic app.

As others have reported the devices created don’t respond in the new app - a can’t connect message occurs when trying to edit. I don’t seem able to create new devices either.

There is a “Lab” option in the new app also called “Gentle Wake Up”. It shares the same name but is a completely different beast: just the one behaviour for selected devices at just the one time of day.

The original app had two brilliant functions: a) it allowed transitions from the current light level to a new one and b) the occurrence could be driven (triggered) by a routine (automation).

The GWU device would set the transition lighting duration, the transition would be held by a scene (specifically color change) and triggered by a routine.

The new (Lab) app requires a start time. It requires a specific starting light level (rather than ‘current’) and seems to ignore completely the routine/scene structure which makes possible smooth mood lighting transitions. Nor does the new Lab app allow for more than one instance of itself to create individually configurable devices.

To be honest I never recorded the steps I made to make new GWU devices - it was just so easy. So I’m stuck for creating new devices and limited when editing my existing ones.

I realise much is being depreciated (including the original GWU) in the move to Edge. That’s a huge learning curve and I’d be starting from scratch. Time spent would be more-or-less to replicate the original GWU functionality.

Is this aim remotely achievable? Can anyone give me any pointers to try next?

Thanks, Ric