Gentle Wake up help

Gentle Wake Up can only be trigger by day, time or mode. I currently have a convoluted way of having interior lights fade or brighten in response to LUX changes.

Has anyone modified it to respond to or be triggered by other devices?

Gentle wake up creates a virtual switch for each routine. These switches can be triggered using Smart Lighting or CoRE in order to use more complex triggers. I currently have mine triggered by CoRE based on Time, day, presence and a virtual switch.

Out of curiosity which LUX sensors are you “successfully” using?
I have tried Aeon multifunction 6 device with Eric Maycocks DTH.

I currently have 4 senario’s of Gentle wake up (2 of which are actually gentle sleep - reverse engineering) and I LOVE this app.

Controlling certain lights with LUX is my dream - but need it solid - hate showing in the dark haha!

Ben - I suppose with CoRE any and all of this is possible.

I’m using a gen 5 Aeon. It’s nowhere near accurate but after a few days of monitoring I was able to set levels that work for my situation. Basically a bright and dim mode for a few rooms on the South side of the house. Gentle wake up (Needs to be renamed) ramps the lights up or down slowly making changes between brightness levels virtually unnoticeable. I discovered I needed more light from the recessed cans when it was brighter outside to soften the harsh shadows.