Gentle Wakeup Replacement?

Gentle wake up.
I had interior lights that would raise and lower their brightness according to how much light was coming from outside. Also used it to slowly ramp up the exterior light at sunset and lower later in the night.

Not sure what’s available now that can do that.

Brand and model of the participating lights? I ask because different ones have different features that might be utilized. :thinking:

That one’s good if you just need lights as an alarm clock, but it sounds like the OP was looking for something more full featured.

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Not even close to the other. I What I can see it can only be triggered by a set time. I need it to be event-based. e.g modes, lux level.

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Older GE dimmers. GE link Flood lights connected via Philips Hue bridge (gen 2)

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Philips Hue has its own built in wake-up and sleep routines, as well as natural lighting scenes. If you set them up on that end, you don’t need a smart app


That would do the GE Link Floodlights, but not the GE dimmer switches.

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Interested in this too… Had the same use case.

Where’s the gentle wake-up option? I can’t see it anywhere. Is it only available in the U.S.?

go to Menu > Labs and check if it shows up for you there

I don’t have such an option. I’m located in Europe.