Gentle Wake Up - No Controller

I am using the latest version of the app ( Date: 2013-03-11). However after adding a dimmer and setting the levels, no controller is created. Not sure if I am doing something wrong.

I do get the message “Gentle Wakeup is now installed and automating”. After this step, if I click on the “Done”, I get this error: “Failed to save page: rootPage”.


In the logs, I am seeing this error:

“XXXXX 6:08:30 PM: error Device type ‘Gentle Wake Up Controller’ in namespace ‘smartthings’ not found. @ line 273

Hi Rkk,

I had the same problem, and it turns out that you need to add Gentle Wake up Controller in the Device Handler as well. If you go into IDE and under My Device Handlers, you will need to add Gentle Wake Up Controller as a device handler, and then you’ll be golden.

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