Cannot add some Smartapps

Trying to add “Gentle Wake Up” but I get an error no matter what device I am using (iPhone, iPad and an old Google Pixel). Same thing with other apps but some works.

Error on iOS “An error occurred. Try installing SmartApp again.” On the Pixel it says “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.”

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

just to verify… you are referring to the one available in the Labs section?

also… what are the other apps do not work?

Thanks for answering. Cannot recall what the other one was, it was from github. I am focusing on Gentle Wake Up and I have added it from Smartthings templates but also tried other places, unsure what difference there might have been but none of them have worked.

OK…first note: adding items from IDE is only going to be a temporary solution at this point since IDE is going to be phased out when groovy support is discontinued on the ST platform.

The best option for Gentle wake-up is the one available from the ST app. Click on Menu and select Labs. From there, you can select Gentle Wake-up.

I am in Europe, Sweden, not sure Labs been rolled out here yet. Could also be me not finding it. Thanks again!