Not able to disable legacy Smart App

When I was on the legacy Smartthing app I wanted to try out a smart lighting app. I think it was the “gentle wake up”. I have since moved off of android and the classic smarthings app, but the gentle wakeup routine is still going. I cannot find this lighting automation anywhere in routines, smart apps, or in the IDE. I no longer have access to any android devices to get on the classic smartthings app. I need some guidance on how to disable this old automation I can’t seem to find.

In IDE… look in the My Locations section then tap on smartapps in the location field if you haven’t already.

Or better yet… in the ST app, tap on Menu, select Labs and see if Gentle wake-up shows there :slight_smile:

I found it in Labs. I forgot about that one. Much appreciated! It was not listed in smartapps in the IDE.