Genie 0.75-HP StealthDrive Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

I noticed Lowes is selling this garage door opener and claim it “Works with Iris”:
I can’t seem to find anything more on this.

Genie just started showing their new “Aladdin connect” Wi-Fi/cloud service remote operation system at tradeshows about eight months ago. Very similar to chamberlain’s MyQ. I don’t know if it has an open API though.

I’m curious about smartthings or IFTTT integration as well. I tried the linear zwave garage door system that works for many but my genie professional garage door openers have digital coding rather than the typical 2 wire setup so I had to return the linear model.

If anyone has any input how to integrate the Aladdin connect system into SmartThings I would appreciate it as well! I have two doors controlled by it. It’s supposed to be able to integrate into iris.

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I am looking for this solution as well. Anyone have any way to control the genie garage doors via the Aladdin connect system?

Has anyone connected the Genie Aladdin system to smartthings? Doesn’t look like it but figured I would ask again just in case I have missed something.