Gen5 (Z-Wave Plus) Range Issues

I am having issues with all of the new Gen5 (Z-wave plus) devices from Aeon Labs. The adversized range on standard z-wave is 100m and these are supposed to get 150m — I get less than 30ft. I have four devices all with the same issue. Two smartswitches and two motion (multi-sensor) units. Even plugged in via USB so that all four have power, none of them will go beyond about 20+ft until they compeltely drop off the network. A z-wave repair indicates that there is no route to these devices. If they are close to the hub or close to a regular z-wave device I have better luck. But just a room away and poof - they’re lost. Has anyone else experienced similar problems or have suggestions? Would a custom device type would help even if the devices are falling off the z-wave network altogether? They currently got auto-setup as “Z-Wave Metering Switch” and “Aeon Multisensor Gen5” by Smartthings so that seams about right.

I contacted support and they couldn’t find anything on their end.

Any suggestions would help! If anyone else has one of these devices working, try moving it about 30ft away from the next closest device and see if you have similar issues.

—Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5
—Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Gen5 Multi-Sensor (Z-Wave Plus)

Thanks in advance!

Return the Aeon Labs Gen5 and get ST Gen 2 Motion Sensor. I went through 3 Gen5 devices and they suck. Returned all and got myself ST Gen2. Works better.

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Did you ever have any luck with this, Daniel? I have 2 of the Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensors. One, for the door that’s in the same room as the hub, works fine. The other one, which is only about 30 feet away in the front door, doesn’t work. I chatted with Aeon Labs support, and they suggested a Z-Wave device between the hub and the sensor, so I bought the AL Smart Energy Switch to put it in the same room as the front door. Not only does it not help the door sensor, the Switch itself barely works, and it’s only 25 feet away from the hub. (It is kind of around a corner, so no direct line of sight.)