Aeon Labs 4in1 Z-Wave Multisensor DSB05-ZWUS

Hello to all with ST. I have A Aeon Labs 4in1 Z-Wave Multisensor DSB05-ZWUS and it seems it will not stay connected to the new hub. This is the only device I am having trouble with. I have it mounted outside but it under cover and I do have A mini usb cord plugged into it to power it up. Any help with this would be great thanks

Could it be a range issue? You can try doing a z-wave repair to see that will help. The other thing you can do is bring it close to the hub and see it will connect. I have quite a few Aeon products and this multi sensor is the worst. 2 of them no longer work. These 2 were outdoor under the eve as well.

I have it mounted about 20ft from the hub. I will bring inside this afternoon and put it next to the hub and see what happens

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Hi again I did bring the device in and it works good now.

I guess it’s a range issue. Did you try a z-wave repair at the outdoor location first before bringing it in? Sometime that helps. Maybe a 110v power z-wave device in between the hub and sensor will solve your problem.

This is the worst sensor I have. It constantly looses connection or goes to sleep. An unfortunate behaviour for a motion sensor. I have two of them and they each act the same. I replaced it with a Samsung sensor works perfectly. They should rename Smartthings to Smartthing. It works great with anything thing from Samsung. Not so much with third party things. Most of my issues come from third party things.

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