Aeon Labs Micro Dimmer Disconnecting

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this, I have 2 Aeon Labs Micro Dimmers, Smartthings seems to loose connectivity with them after a couple of hours.

They come back for a few hours once every 24 hours but drop off again with in 7-8 hours.

How far from your hub are they? Do you have other powered z-wave devices in your setup, so you have a robust mesh? If the Aeon’s are in a wall outlet box, they need a good mesh to stay connected.

Thanks Bruce, they are about 5 foot from the hub (both dimnmers are beside each other),

I have no other powered z-wave devices. (I did have 2 smart things outlets but have removed them in trying to fix this problem)

The SmartThing outlets are zigbee, so you can put them back – they aren’t part of the problem or the solution. Probably you need some more z-wave devices to get a better mesh. Is your hub close to any other electronics? If so, moving it even a few feet may make a difference.

ok will try moving the hub, thanks bruce.

Tried moving the hub, no change.

They are literally on 5 - 7 feet apart, is the range that poor ?

No, there must be some other problem.