GearBest unethical bussiness practices

I in good faith purchased a Temperature/ humidity sensor from GearBest. The GearBest web site gave me two options of where the item would be shipped from. I choose the USA/Canada warehouse. They charged me two dollars more for the item, opposed to China price. I was shown on the invoice it would be shipped USPS Priority mail. I received an email saying it was shipped and gave me a tracking number. I checked the number on the tracking link. I then see it was shipped from China, not USA and the time frame went from 3 to 5 days to 5 to 15 days. I contacted them and asked why didn’t you notify me and give me the option to cancel or keep the order. They said well we didn’t have it in USA so we shipped it from China. I explained the facts, the price difference etc. They were rude and said no refund would be issued since it was shipped. I opened a claim with PayPal. This was highly unethical of them. Now I have to search for a different sensor. The case will take until after the new year, to settle. I hope PayPal gets me a refund. The money isn’t the issue it is the way GearBest does business.



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There was a discussion on SD about gearbest getting hacked… might want to check on that too, yikes.

I’m not to worried about that as I always pay with Paypal.

I buy from them as well, from time to time. I never pick USA/Canada warehouse, but the stuff always comes from them in less then a week. My point, why bother to get it faster and let them decide.

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If I am in the USA why not get it from a local source. Also they charged me more money for USA than China, and shipped from China. Then refused to give back the difference. Not cool.

I bought some sensors (two separate orders) that took over 2 months to finally arrive. So I understand why someone might want to spend a little extra for what promised to be a faster delivery.

Would have not gotten so angry if it wasn’t for the fact they didn’t notify me of the change or the additional shipping delay. Nor that they didn’t want to reimburse me for the difference in price.

I live in Ohio and they for the most part come within a week. Only a couple of occasions did it take 3 weeks and that did come from China Smart Post through Chicago.

Ordered one from a place in NYC for the same price including delivery and will have it Wednesday. So I guess I should have searched better. I know better now. I am waiting to see what happens with Paypal. If not I will have two.