Can SmartThings screw up any more?

Who runs this company? Everything is just a let down after another letdown… I am so unpleased I don’t know how to further vent

First off, get a Hub V2 and constant outages and my HUB won’t even get firmware updates.


so now I have been hit twice with duty on this product that doesn’t even work. i wasn’t at home to receive it so I couldn’t advise to refuse the delivery.

If you’re Canadian, stay far away from this product and this company.

if someone from SmartThings wants to make this right, please contact me ASAP

I also have a ticket open regarding this whole issue…

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Duty? Brokerage fees, maybe? If so, never ever use UPS shipping from US to Canada. Biggest (brokerage fees) rip off ever.

I got mine thru USPS and Canada Post. No fees of any kind. Didnt even get dinged for taxes.

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It was shipped USPS. It would of been declared at full amount of product and not as a warranty / rma replacement.

Awesome, a full business day goes by without an acknowledgment whatsoever on the ticket.

no way to escalate, no way to call them… it’s like they don’t want complaints

A business should only “want complaints” when they are in a position to placate the complainer and/or contain the impact on company or product reputation.

Check Amazon for reviews of SmartThings and I believe that nearly every negative review / complaint receives a company response. I don’t know the effectiveness this has on either factor (customer placation, or reputation management).

Placation is frequently very difficult: Customers demand satisfactory remediation. Sometimes it’s as easy as next-day delivery of a replacement or prompt full refund, or a discount coupon on future purchase.

Reputation management is somewhat easier.

I should really be more clear I really meant a way to actually make a complaint to a person. Having no way to make a phone call or escalate to another person is not a very successful way to run a business

How would that help? SmartThings already has maximum available staff on the email queue. A phone queue is less efficient and being on hold for 2 hours is not likely to make a customer any happier than waiting 6 hours for a returned email.

“Escalations” are just an illusion. Why would SmartThings escalate your call ahead of Customers who have equally serious concerns or complaints?

how about better internal procedures to reduce issues that generate complaints?

How do you ship a replacement hub as a new hub declared as “Merchandise” instead of a Warranty Replacement or similar valued at $99 USD when it’s crossing borders into Canada?

I even mentioned this in the tech support ticket this would happen before the replacement was sent out!

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It is obviously best to avoid complaints…

I was reached and they are reimbursing the charges to my CC thankfully.

This is definitely a process that needs to be looked into and corrected.

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I had a situation that was unique when it came to ordering the SmartThings kit. Retail was 250 USD, but when it was shipped the shipping label stated the value was 299 USD.

This of course translated into a higher custom’s fee when it came across the border. Took almost 2 weeks with emails going back and forth with pictures of the shipping label before I got a store credit for future purchases…SmartThings should have credited back my credit card otherwise I was told to send back at my cost the whole unit first before I would get my credit applied back to the VISA.

Oh, thank you SmartThings for giving me the credit back.

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